Aquaculture training courses

Holland Aqua provides trainings for the aquaculture sector worldwide. In order to improve production and increase knowledge, training manuals for different levels of difficulty are used to train workers as well as managers and directors.

Our courses are taught by specialists and are very practice-oriented, giving the attendants the benefit of putting lessons learned into practice immediately.

Together with the client a tailormade, on-site course can be designed. If desired, (parts of) the training can be given abroad to zoom in on certain specialisms. Please feel free to contact us and discuss training options.

Issues often covered in our aquaculture hatchery and growout trainings include:

A) Practical farm management
A1. Biology and production stages
A2. Handling, counting and grading
A3. Control of biomass and feeding
A4. Water quality monitoring
A5. Fish-health
A6. Hygiene
A7. Biosecurity

B) Intensive farming techniques
B1. Essential farm equipment (RAS)
B2. Control of filter and equipment
B3. Stocking density and production
B4. Fish – farm – feed relationships

C) Operational management
C1. Transport
C2. Stocking and production planning
C3. Monitoring software
C4. Registration, costs and efficiencies

D) Marketing and sales
D1. Product Quality
D2. Tracking & tracing
D3. Differentiation in customers
D4. Market

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