Biological air scrubber for animal husbandry industry

Commissioned by water & air purification specialist KWB, Holland Aqua took part in the development of a highly efficient biological air scrubber for the removal of ammonia, odor and dust for the animal husbandry industry (pigs, poultry and cows). Not only should the process be able to achieve the highest removal efficiencies but also to convert the pollutants in harmless waste. All of this should be achieved with a minimum of energy and waste water.

Holland Aqua performed a stepwise approach with different physical treatments and under various biological conditions, in order to come to a highly efficient biological air scrubber. After studying the measurement report on required conditions, the scientific commissions of the Dutch, Belgian and German governments listed the technology as best practice with very high removal rates. The developed air scrubber technology was therefore BWL and Signum certified.

Numerous biological air scrubbers are currently operational and automatically checked on efficiency and functionality. Due to the compact design and the low water consumption, the scrubbers are exported to environmentally conscious farmers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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