Intensive RAS tilapia farm Tanzania

In February 2020, a demonstration RAS Tilapia farm was opened in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in the presence of the Dutch ambassador and the Vice Minister of Livestock & Fisheries.

There is a high demand for fish in Tanzania. Together with a group of companies, Holland Aqua restructured and developed a RAS demonstration site in Dar Es Salaam for both intensive hatchery and intensive growout technology (FisHub). The site, owned by BigFish, was modernised and local infrastructure was adjusted to support the new RAS farm.

Staff has been trained on a basic and advanced level in order to be able to run the new technology and produce up to 150 kg of fresh tilapia per m3 of holding tank. The managers were not only trained to maintain optimal production levels, but also to train new Tanzanian fish farmers who want to adapt more intensive fish farming strategies.

For local fish farmers as well as the entire aquaculture sector in Tanzania, the BigFish site will house a knowledge centre where experts will give workshops on topics such as hatchery, genetics, fish diseases, farm technology and market approach.

Holland Aqua specialises in RAS engineering and provides tailormade aquaculture trainings. Please fill in the form below should you require more information.

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