Water quality research: combining fish with divers

The Beringen mine site is the largest industrial heritage site in Flanders, Belgium and is unique in Europe. The mine has been re-designated as a recreational location under the name be-MINE with projects such as the Climbing Center Alpamayo, the Adventure Mountain and the TODI dive center.

At the TODI dive center you can experience a unique dive in an old sedimentation tank. The heated indoor diving basin with a diameter of 36 meters and a depth of 10 meters is filled with around 2.000 tropical freshwater fish. One of the great challenges in this project was water quality. Combining fish with divers in the same indoor basin uncovered some conflicting conditions.

During the development of the diving tower, Holland Aqua, commissioned by poolwater purification specialist KWB, provided advice regarding the desirable water quality and methods for achieving it. A unique project where knowledge about water purification engineering had to be combined with knowledge about optimal living conditions for fish.

Holland Aqua has extensive experience in providing research and development capacity to organisations in the aquaculture and water purification industry.

Location: Be-Mine, old mine site in Beringen, Belgium

Project: TODI dive center

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