Tilapia production increase

Saudi Arabian tilapia farm Desert Fish, located approximately 200 kilometres from Riyadh, asked Holland Aqua to perform a feasibility study and to produce a farm development plan. The tilapia farm intended to upgrade its productivity, to reduce its water consumption and to change its flow-through system into a modern RAS fish farm.

The chosen production strategy was intensive farming (maximal stocking density of 50 kg/m3 and a yearly productivity of around 150 kg/m3), although not as intensive as in European countries. Because the environment as well as the various costs are different in Saudi Arabia, the RAS technology of this tilapia farm needed to be adapted to the local situation.

Holland Aqua formulated a production plan for 3 capacity levels, produced a technical preliminary design for intensive RAS and calculated the investment budget. During visits to the farm site, Holland Aqua was also in contact with the aquaculture department of the Saudi Ministry of Agriculture in order to present the project development and to discuss aquaculture innovations.

Holland Aqua has vast experience in aquaculture engineering, research and development and business development.

Location: Sajer, Saudi Arabia

Production plan: 150 kg/m3 per year

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