About Holland Aqua

Holland Aqua offers aquaculture engineering, project development and research & development capacity to private as well as public organisations. With 30 years of experience in the aquaculture sector, we formulate answers to research questions, perform feasibility studies for new product-market combinations and take corporate processes to a higher quality level.

Maximizing sustainable aquaculture potential

Holland Aqua was founded by Frans Aartsen MSc. During his studies in the 1980s at Wageningen University (Agriculture & natural environment) he specialised himself in aquaculture. It is the ambition of Holland Aqua to empower the potential of aquaculture enterprises and the people working in aquaculture throughout the world. Knowledge sharing and strong global and local partnerships are key to this ambition.

Holland Aqua helps organisations and countries move forward in farming fish in a sustainable and futureproof manner. We do so by conducting due diligence, market and feasibility studies, designing fish farms with local material, training farm employees and improving business processes as well as quality levels by means of certification and audits.

International aquaculture network

We believe in co-creation. Our projects are multidisciplinary and mostly international. Holland Aqua has a solid international network, including ministries, universities, research institutes and companies in the aquaculture industry in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. By bringing strategic partners to the table, Holland Aqua combines knowledge with practice.

Holland Aqua has been a longstanding partner in the FoodTechAfrica consortium, a public-private initiative combining the strengths of Dutch agro-food companies, knowledge institutes, governmental agencies and their East-African counterparts to improve food security in East Africa through the establishment of a fully integrated aquaculture value chain.

Holland Aqua is a founding member of the Dutch Aquaculture Experts association, a network of high level Dutch aquaculture companies and research institutes that join forces in international aquaculture projects including design and realisation of fish farms, management, training and consultancy.

If you wish to add strength and progressiveness to your organisation, please continue to read about our services business & project development, research & development and aquaculture engineering.


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