Aquaculture Engineering

Holland Aqua can temporarily strengthen your company with engineering capacity. We have extensive experience with fish farm (and product) design & construct contracts in the aquaculture sector. Holland Aqua aims for cost-effective and sustainable engineering solutions.

Technical feasibility

Holland Aqua designs state of the art fish farms, hatcheries and processing plants with high productivity and low environmental impact.
The engineering project starts with a ‘Basis of design’ in order to frame all the design criteria: local infrastructure, location, climate conditions, but also fish sizes, feed types, growth, water and environmental conditions. Budget restrictions on OPEX and CAPEX at the required production level are discussed. Prior to detailing the design, the engineers will create a first technical concept.

Design and construct

Our designs are based on local production demands and are tailormade for fish species such as tilapia, sturgeon, eel, salmon and catfish. A farm design should always be adapted to the hygiene and safety requirements of the farming processes. Food safety is embedded in all our designs.

Holland Aqua cleverly combines creativity with technical knowhow in order to engineer towards local needs and skills. We are used to using imported materials, but prefer using local materials for the construction of a fish farm as much as we can. During construction we provide technical support and onsite training in order to ensure optimal knowledge transfer.

Business development and quality management

Prior to the engineering phase, it may be necessary to formulate a business plan or to conduct a financial feasibility study. Holland Aqua can also implement quality standards and provide expert training.

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