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First African fish farm EMA certified, guided by Holland Aqua

On 8 March 2019, tilapia farm Kamuthanga from Machakos, Kenya, has been awarded the EcoMark Africa (EMA) label as the first ever fish farm in Africa, after undergoing a three day auditing session in October 2018. The certification process was guided by Frans Aartsen MSc from Holland Aqua, who guided the farm towards EMA certification at platinum level, the highest of 4 certification levels.

Certificate: EcoMark Africa (EMA)

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Maximizing aquaculture potential

Holland Aqua maximizes the potential of aquaculture enterprises and the people working in aquaculture throughout the world. Our clients are private as well as public organisations. With 30 years of experience, we handle research questions, perform feasibility studies for new product-market combinations and take corporate processes to a higher quality level.

Our network

Strong global and local partnerships are key to our ambitions.
Holland Aqua is a partner in FoodTechAfrica, a public-private initiative to improve food security in East Africa.
Holland Aqua is also a founding member of the Dutch Aquaculture Experts association, a network of more than 15 Dutch companies and research institutes that join forces in international aquaculture projects.