Business and Project Development

Holland Aqua supports organisations in their ambition to develop and implement new product market combinations in the food industry, the aquaculture industry and the field of water purification. Holland Aqua has extensive experience in conducting feasibility studies, formulating business plans and providing business intelligence and due diligence services.

Ideas for new ventures always start with the question whether they would be viable. A first step towards answering this question could be to sit down informally with Holland Aqua and investigate the market prospect (potential market, price, quality, commodity availability), your budget and a possible conceptual design.

Due diligence in the aquaculture industry

When acquiring a company in the aquaculture industry, the quality and amount of business intelligence regarding the target company is paramount. Holland Aqua will appraise the company’s assets, liabilities and potential in order for you to make an informed decision. Please contact us via the form below to discuss your questions regarding business intelligence and our due diligence services.

Technical and financial feasibility

If a brief investigation of a project shows potential, an elaborate technical financial feasibility study is desired. Research into the financial feasibility of a business plan includes a thorough market analysis, a detailed budget with actual cost and prices, a study of the necessary permits and licenses, an analysis of economic sensitivities as well as a risk analysis. It may also include a basic engineering design in order to budget the investments and examine operational costs. The technical feasibility of a plan is usually studied during the engineering phase.

Business plan

Entrepreneurs, financial institutions and tendering parties will always request a feasible business or expansion plan. For the preparation of a business plan, knowledge from many different disciplines is required: finance, costs, construction, infrastructure, supply chain management, operations management, marketing, intellectual property management, etcetera. More accuracy is obtained if actual price offers are included to make forecasts. Holland Aqua analyses the needs and wants of your company, discusses the trajectory of your business plans and formulates clear objectives in a transparent overview.

Engineering and quality improvement

A feasible business plan may lead to an engineering assignment, in which Holland Aqua will detail the technical feasibility and design the desired fish farm, processing plant or water – or air purification unit. We will also implement quality standards or provide expert trainings.

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