Research and Development

Organisations dealing with air or water purification and organisations in the aquaculture industry can reach out to Holland Aqua for extra research & development capacity to take corporate processes to a higher quality level. Innovative ideas to improve the quality of your product or process deserve to be developed and implemented. Holland Aqua performs a thorough analysis, executes a development strategy and implements quality improvement standards.


A well-executed problem analysis increases the chance of success when developing new products or aiming for process improvement. Depending on the demand, we apply various tools to identify the problem and to formulate clear research objectives: market and competition analysis, inventory of methods and trends, function, material and production analysis and determination of standards and requirements.
The result of the analysis is a clear definition of the product, process or product-market combination that needs to be improved or developed, as well as a long term innovation strategy.

Applied research and expert training

Depending on the type of research, a development strategy is chosen. In an order-based research question, Holland Aqua uses proven techniques in order to develop a more effective and client-specific product, or even a first innovative prototype. Holland Aqua also carries out product development in collaboration with universities and applied science institutes. All development projects will contain a concepting, design, validation and realization phase.

The introduction of a new product or process requires technical and operational training. Holland Aqua provides new products and processes with comprehensible technical documentation and operational manuals. In addition, Holland Aqua provides expert training in the field of intensive aquaculture, such as design courses in RAS technology, fish processing, biological water treatment and management of fish farms.

Performance evaluation and quality improvement

The projects in which Holland Aqua is involved, are often part of a production chain where food safety, environmental impact and animal welfare are the design criteria. In order to register, monitor, evaluate and improve on the quality criteria, the implementation of a quality management system is often desired.
Holland Aqua implements quality management systems from scratch, and coordinates internal and external audits and certification processes throughout the supply chain. We have vast experience with setting up product or process oriented management systems in accordance with ISO or other certification schemes: BRL k903, BRL k21009, VLAREM, BWL air scrubber, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 2200, HACCP, KAM, VCA**, SMK, Beter leven.

Holland Aqua can also be consulted for aquaculture engineering and business and project development.

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