Holland Aqua guides first African farm through EMA certification

In October 2018, the Kamuthanga tilapia farm, located in Machakos, Kenya, has been audited for the quality standard of EMA (EcoMark Africa). EMA is a fish farming certification scheme comparable to ASC and applied in Africa under the ownership of ARSO, the African Organization for Standardization.

Holland Aqua has prepared, trained and guided the farm’s management and employees to meet the 200 EMA bullet point standards. After a final verification of additional measures, the farm has been nominated for certification at platinum level, the highest of 4 certification levels. It is the first time that an EMA certificate will be awarded to a fish farm on the African continent.

During a three day on-site examination, independent lead auditor Angela Filotico from DNV GL, former chairman of Global G.A.P, has led her auditing team through all the aquacultural, environmental, social and economic aspects of the fish farm, that produces 100 tons of tilapia per year. EMA aims to reduce the impact of fish farming on the environment; it contains standards regarding medicine use, sustainable fish feed and good working conditions for staff. The recently formed quality assurance team of Kamuthanga showed the auditing team how all aspects of the EMA standard are monitored and secured. Not only were standard requirements for the environment met, it was clear that all staff members benefit from the implementation of health & safety standards and improved employment conditions.

EcoMark Africa has established a recognition system for sustainability standards which functions as a quality assurance mechanism. With its certifiable standard, EMA will provide a continent-wide and cross-sectoral label to mark sustainably produced African products. It includes principles, criteria and indicators to address the negative social & environmental issues related to aquaculture practices in Africa. A set of threshold criteria has been defined including ecological, social and climate-relevant requirements as well as credible implementation mechanisms.

Holland Aqua implements quality management systems and coordinates internal and external audits and certification processes throughout the aquaculture supply chain. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Certificate: EcoMark Africa (EMA)

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